Meet the demands of real business

Worlder TEAM Pte. Ltd.

Worlder TEAM was established by Worlder Group to expand their business to include system integration in March 2019. Worlder TEAM commercializes business ideas, productises R&D outcomes, and executes creative production.


Would you like to work with us

Worlder TEAM is seeking an engineer who devotes "self-growth" and "curiosity." Our main work is the followings:

Develop "Wolonote," which is an original product of Worlder TEAM.
Develop "R-note," which is an original product of Worlder TEAM.
Develop software for clients of Worlder Group.
Commercialize R&D deliverables from Worlder Analytics.
[Roles and responsibilities]
  • Worlder TEAM’s current focus is on the development of a restaurant operation system with integrated novel solutions from the R&D team to improve restaurant operation efficiency. The main focus of our R&D work is in the area of machine learning of human behavior to improve customer service.
  • As we are a small company with a focus on R&D at the moment, we are looking for a full-stack engineer who can grow with the company. The engineer is expected to be working independently, interfacing with the R&D team, to build the software prototype. When the company expands to a bigger team, he/she is expected to lead a team of engineers (salary will be re-negotiated) to build a more expansive software solution to support our range of products.
At the current stage, the responsibility is limited to:
  1. Development of backend framework for a basic restaurant operation system
  2. Simple frontend interface for POC software to demonstrate solutions from R&D team
[Salary range]
$5,000 to S$8,000
[Mandatory requirements]
  1. Strong technical background with at least 3 years experience in executing software development.
  2. Team work and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. May be required to attend night-time meetings to accommodate working hours for team members in the US, but will not need to be working on projects at night.
  4. Takes pride in developing high quality and efficient software.
  5. Positive attitude and willingness to learn on the job.
  6. Proficiency in:
    1. Server Language: Golang
    2. Server Framework: echo
    3. Frontend Framework: React/Flutter
    4. infrastructure: VPS
    5. DB: MySQL

We also use these in our development (ok to pick up on the job):

  1. Web server: Nginx, Apache
  2. Proxy server: HAProxy
  3. Server OS: CentOS
  4. CI/CD tool: Circle CI
  5. Monitoring: Prometheus
  6. Source Code management: GitHub
  7. Structure management: Ansible

Core values

We set three updates to maintain our company updated.

Update for environment

Capture the changes in technological innovation and create the latest environment to produce the most results for you.

Update for expertise

Capture the changes in technological innovation, continually deepen/evolve your expertise and maintain up to date.

Update for solution

Capture the changes in technological innovation, present cutting-edge solutions to clients and our team.